Treasury Management

Customized Solutions

With multiple options available for making payments and accelerating collections, Northwest Bank is committed to helping you determine the most effective and efficient solutions for your company. Our experienced team of Treasury Management professionals will consult with you in a thorough process designed to help you customize the best combination of products, tools and services.

Collection Services

Processing checks for deposit may be costly and may have an adverse impact on your cash flow. NWB collection services may help you streamline processing, speed access to working capital and improve cash flow. For any business, our Treasury Management professionals can help you achieve results by delivering efficient and cost effective solutions for your company’s specific needs. Learn more

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Collections

    With Northwest Bank’s ACH services, your business can operate more efficiently with electronic collection options.

    • Maintain control over timing of receipts
    • Provides a mechanism to collect funds electronically
    • Speeds the collection process
    • Simplifies your accounts receivable management
  • Remote Deposit Capture

    Increased efficiency is one of the most valuable assets we can offer our commercial banking clients. Northwest Bank helps you save time by enabling you to deposit checks directly into your accounts without having to leave your office.

    • Scanning 24/7
    • Same day credit if items are scanned by 5:00 p.m. (PT)/6:00 p.m. (MT), Monday – Friday
    • Accelerated clearing enhances cash flow
    • Viewing and printing of check images up to 45 days
    • Customized reports
    • Access for multiple users
    • Scanning into multiple accounts

    To install drivers:

  • Lockbox

    If your business receives a high volume or a high dollar amount of payments through the mail, Northwest Bank offers a lockbox service that will reduce the time it takes to receive, process, and post payments into your account by allowing your customers to mail payments directly to a centralized address. Our lockbox service enables your company to receive, process and deposit work much more quickly than handling in a manual environment.

  • Courier Services

    Northwest Bank can arrange courier services to facilitate the delivery of your deposits, loan payments and or correspondence to the bank daily.  Deposits are posted the same day they are received and may be confirmed via online banking.

Disbursement Services

Sophisticated tools to help you move funds efficiently. Organize and optimize disbursements with more efficient and cost effective electronic payment solutions. Our experienced team of Treasury Management Professionals will consult with you in a thorough process designed to help you customize the best combination of products, tools and services to manage the flow of disbursements with fast and efficient payment solutions. Learn more

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) – Payables

    With Northwest Bank’s ACH services, your business can operate more efficiently with electronic payment options. ACH origination allows you to initiate electronic disbursements such as direct deposit and vendor payments.

    • Maintain control over timing of payments
    • Provides a mechanism to disburse funds electronically
    • Simplifies your accounts payable management
  • Wire Transfers

    Initiate wire transfers online safely from the convenience of your office.

  • Bill Pay Services

    With Bill Pay, you can pay any vendor from your business account as well as scheduling payments for recurring expenses like rent or equipment leases. Save time, money, and reduce the number of paper checks by paying invoices and bills online any time. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

    • Quick-Add feature lets you add billers by simply typing the company name and entering your account number
    • Set up reminders to receive messages when payments are due
    • Make recurring payments
    • Bill Payment lets you quickly and conveniently pay anyone online that you pay today by check

Fraud Protection Services

Fraud is an ever-present and growing business threat. Northwest Bank offers solutions that provide your business with a higher level of fraud protection. Learn more

  • Positive Pay

    One of the most effective anti-fraud tools available today

    • Alert notifications (sent via email) when checks presented for payment do not match items contained in your electronic check issue file
    • Ability to make decisions on exception items
    • Helps to combat check fraud
  • Tokens

    Northwest Bank’s security tokens protect against online banking fraud.

Funds Management Services

Northwest Bank provides the ability to move funds automatically. Whether consolidating funds to maximize investment income, minimize interest expense, or simply fund new business opportunities. Learn more

  • Zero Balance Accounts

    Northwest Bank offers a zero balance account (ZBA) designed to automatically link multiple business accounts, such as those used for payroll and other disbursement purposes. This service allows operating accounts to be funded from, or concentrated to, a single account. With our ZBA structure, you will simplify your account reconciliation and have improved control over disbursements, collections and cash flow.

  • Loan Sweeps

    • Move funds automatically from an operating account to pay down your line of credit
    • Reduce your interest expense